5 Day Los Angeles Itinerary

I recommend getting an explorer pass if it’s your first time in Los Angeles, and you plan on going on a lot of paid excursions. Day 1: Explore Downtown Downtown Los Angeles has a lot of cool buildings and retail centers to shop in. The Last Bookstore, Grand Central Market, Walt Disney Concert Hall, AngelsContinue reading “5 Day Los Angeles Itinerary”

5 Activities in Los Angeles, California

This article details activities in LA about my favorite stores, adventure parks, and sports games. Grand Central Market Located in the heart of Downtown, this market has a ton of unique food vendors, florists, and it hosts many events. It’s a cool place to check out and grab a bite to eat. The Last BookstoreContinue reading “5 Activities in Los Angeles, California”

What is it like Traveling in 2021?

Booking Flights Flights are cheap right, so now is a good time to travel if you’re on a budget. However, there are a higher quantity of flights with layovers and departure times change frequently. Almost every flight I have had this year has had the departing times change. The round trip I went on inContinue reading “What is it like Traveling in 2021?”

What Can You Do with Your Cellphone in Turks and Caicos?

As an American traveling to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, I was unsure what to do with my cellphone. I wanted to be able to send text messages, use instagram, and take underwater photos and videos. I researched AT&T’s international daily data roaming rates, checked what the official TCI website had to say on cellular dataContinue reading “What Can You Do with Your Cellphone in Turks and Caicos?”

General Travel Tips

How To Conduct Good Pre-Travel Research I use Pinterest, Rick Steves books, Google, and I talk to people who have been to my destination of choice to do my research. Pinterest is great because of the abundance of blogs dedicated to multiple aspects of travel – such as what to pack, activities, airbnbs, food, culture.Continue reading “General Travel Tips”