What to Wear in Chicago during the Fall

Here’s everything you need to know about Chicago weather and fashion during the month of October. Weather October is when it starts to get chilly in Chicago – especially at night – and it’s mainly the wind that makes it so cold. Staple Outfits During the day: Skirt with stockings or jeans Booties or tennisContinue reading “What to Wear in Chicago during the Fall”

What to See in Chicago

Here are 3 must-see places in Chicago! The Bean How can you go to Chicago, and not see this iconic sculpture? Michigan Ave This is the street to go shopping and get a drink at the Starbucks Reserve. 360 Chicago This has the best views of the city, and this is building is also homeContinue reading “What to See in Chicago”

Why You Need a CityPass for your Visit to New York City

CityPass is a ticket booklet containing an admission ticket to the top attractions in various big cities across America, including New York City. With CityPass, you pay one substantially reduced price and avoid main entrance ticket lines at most attractions. Attractions Covered Empire State Building American Museum of Natural History The Metropolitan Museum of ArtContinue reading “Why You Need a CityPass for your Visit to New York City”

Tips for Visiting The Empire State Building

Best Time to Go If you want to take the best pictures and not wait forever in line, go when the building first opens! Weather Make sure it’s not foggy when you go! My first visit to the city was in mid-May and it was very rainy and foggy in the mornings. I got luckyContinue reading “Tips for Visiting The Empire State Building”