The Whitehall Hotel Review

Here is the review for the hotel I stayed at in Chicago! Please note: I stayed here in October 2020 when domestic travel was limited, and everything was extra affordable. Cost For a 3 day weekend spent with one friend, we spent $100 each for our stay at this hotel. Location It’s just around theContinue reading “The Whitehall Hotel Review”

What to Wear in Chicago during the Fall

Here’s everything you need to know about Chicago weather and fashion during the month of October. Weather October is when it starts to get chilly in Chicago – especially at night – and it’s mainly the wind that makes it so cold. Staple Outfits During the day: Skirt with stockings or jeans Booties or tennisContinue reading “What to Wear in Chicago during the Fall”

Where to Eat in Chicago

These are some of my favorite places! Included here are sweet treats and places to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Nutella Café This unique shop offers an abundance of sweet treats that use Nutella as the main focus of their ingredients and sells jars of Nutella – you can even get your name customizedContinue reading “Where to Eat in Chicago”