Santa Barbara Day Trip Itinerary

If you’re staying in Los Angeles and wanting to take a day trip up to Santa Barbara, here is the itinerary you need! Breakfast Just before you get into Santa Barbara, you drive through a town called Montecito. I think of it as a smaller version of Santa Barbara because it’s also a posh beachContinue reading “Santa Barbara Day Trip Itinerary”

3 Budget-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is home to an abundance of wineries, breweries, unique cafés, and more. Here are a few of my favorite places to get food and drinks that won’t break the bank. Third Window Brewing Co. A family-owned brewery that also serves wine and wagyu beef. Read my review about it here! Bree’Osh An authenticContinue reading “3 Budget-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink in Santa Barbara, California”

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Review

This history museum is dedicated to the Santa Barbara oceans and covers so much than just conservation. Topics Covered in This Museum In the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, you will learn about the history of surfing, the U.S. Navy, Southern Californian Natives and The Colonizers, Sailboats and the Transpacific Yacht Race, Ocean Conservation, diving, andContinue reading “Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Review”

Third Window Brewing Co. Review

Located in Santa Barbara, California, this family-owned brewery ranks towards the top of all the breweries I’ve been to. The Family Story Out of all the numerous wineries and breweries in Santa Barbara, I picked this one to go to on my day trip because of the family story. Every member of the family isContinue reading “Third Window Brewing Co. Review”

5 Activities in Santa Barbara, California

Walk Down State Street This iconic shopping and dining street is a great area to take a stroll. Due to the pandemic, the street was completely closed off from traffic to allow for outdoor dining and more social distancing. Check out The Book Den Right around the corner from State Street is The Book Den.Continue reading “5 Activities in Santa Barbara, California”