The Whitehall Hotel Review

Here is the review for the hotel I stayed at in Chicago! Please note: I stayed here in October 2020 when domestic travel was limited, and everything was extra affordable. Cost For a 3 day weekend spent with one friend, we spent $100 each for our stay at this hotel. Location It’s just around theContinue reading “The Whitehall Hotel Review”

What to Wear in Chicago during the Fall

Here’s everything you need to know about Chicago weather and fashion during the month of October. Weather October is when it starts to get chilly in Chicago – especially at night – and it’s mainly the wind that makes it so cold. Staple Outfits During the day: Skirt with stockings or jeans Booties or tennisContinue reading “What to Wear in Chicago during the Fall”

What to See in Chicago

Here are 3 must-see places in Chicago! The Bean How can you go to Chicago, and not see this iconic sculpture? Michigan Ave This is the street to go shopping and get a drink at the Starbucks Reserve. 360 Chicago This has the best views of the city, and this is building is also homeContinue reading “What to See in Chicago”

Where to Drink in Chicago

Here is a list of some unique places to get a drink around the Windy City! Starbucks Reserve The fourth floor of this huge Starbucks is a bar! 360 Chicago This building is great for many reasons: great views, a bar, and the Tilt ride! I recommend getting a drink ticket and enjoying the viewsContinue reading “Where to Drink in Chicago”

Where to Eat in Chicago

These are some of my favorite places! Included here are sweet treats and places to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Nutella Café This unique shop offers an abundance of sweet treats that use Nutella as the main focus of their ingredients and sells jars of Nutella – you can even get your name customizedContinue reading “Where to Eat in Chicago”

Where to Eat in Stamford, CT

Here are 5 different places you need to try on your next visit to Stamford, Connecticut. Scroll down to read about them! Patisserie Salzburg This cute French patisserie has an abundance of delicious food and coffee! Tutti Pazzi Located in downtown, this Italian restaurant has AMAZING pasta! The four cheese tortellini is to die for!Continue reading “Where to Eat in Stamford, CT”

West Beach Stamford, Connecticut

Here you can find everything you need to know about parking, the crowd, and the quality of the beach. Parking There is a parking lot, but it is a bit small. You can park in a nearby neighborhood and walk for 10 minutes to get to the beach. The Crowd It was fairly crowded forContinue reading “West Beach Stamford, Connecticut”

How to Get Around New York City

New York City offers a lot of different types of public transport. You can rent a Citi Bike, take an uber, ride the subway, hail down a taxi, or walk. This article breaks down the cost and efficiency of each mode of transportation. Citi Bike This method is cheaper than getting a taxi or Uber,Continue reading “How to Get Around New York City”

Coney Island Review

Of course I have to fit in some beach time during a city trip. Food Coney Island is the birth place of the hot dog, and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is right on the boardwalk. There are other places as well, but they’ll all be serving similar foods of hot dogs and burgers. The BeachContinue reading “Coney Island Review”