How to Get Around New York City

New York City offers a lot of different types of public transport. You can rent a Citi Bike, take an uber, ride the subway, hail down a taxi, or walk. This article breaks down the cost and efficiency of each mode of transportation.

Citi Bike

This method is cheaper than getting a taxi or Uber, but it requires physical exercise. If you’re planning on having a relaxing day exploring the city, I would recommend this.

It costs $3.50 for a single trip and $15 for a day pass. You’ll need the app in order to ride these bikes.


Uber in New York City is expensive, and not always quick because of traffic.


The cost of a taxi is similar to an Uber, and traffic needs to be taken into consideration if you’re in a rush to go somewhere.


Taking the subway is my preferred method because of the combination of cost and efficiency. It costs $2.75 per ride, and metrocard stations are at every entrance so it’s easy to re-load a metrocard with money. The lines are confusing, but Google Maps is up to date in real-time for the subway.


This is obviously the cheapest options as it’s free, but if you’re going a far distance or need to get somewhere fast this is not an ideal option.

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