Tips for Visiting The Empire State Building

Best Time to Go

If you want to take the best pictures and not wait forever in line, go when the building first opens!


Make sure it’s not foggy when you go! My first visit to the city was in mid-May and it was very rainy and foggy in the mornings. I got lucky one day when the sun was out, but if there’s fog you won’t be able to see anything.


I got the citypass for my first trip to NYC. You pick which kind of pass you want. I picked the pass that gave me access to four tourist attractions for my first trip to the city. With City Pass, you save money and need only to show the barcode to pick up your tickets at each attraction. Usually there’s even a separate shorter line to pick up tickets if you have a City Pass. City Pass is the way to go for a long trip with several planned tourist attractions.

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