Why You Need to Plan Your Trip to New York City Around Meals

In case you don’t already know, there are a TON of people that live in New York and that visit New York every year. Every restaurant is busy and many restaurants require reservations – sometimes even 3 months in advance. There are also some spots in New York where there are only a few restaurants nearby, and if you’re prone to getting hangry and/or you’re a picky eater that could prove to be a problem. After putting together an itinerary, look at restaurants nearby and make reservations if required.

There are a ton of eating options on 8th and 9th Street near Times Square, but if you’re elsewhere you won’t see as many options. For example, after I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, there were only a few options. There was a pizza place next to the bridge, and after using the ferry to cross back, there were only two options: a restaurant with a 40 minute wait and a hot dog stand.

Aside from the fact that many restaurants require reservations and you need to know if there are restaurants nearby when you’re ready to eat, Manhattan Island has so many cool unique spots to eat at that it’s worth researching restaurants in the city.

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