Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Review

This history museum is dedicated to the Santa Barbara oceans and covers so much than just conservation.

Topics Covered in This Museum

In the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, you will learn about the history of surfing, the U.S. Navy, Southern Californian Natives and The Colonizers, Sailboats and the Transpacific Yacht Race, Ocean Conservation, diving, and more.

Time Spent in Museum

I spent close to two hours in this small two-story museum. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there were so many interesting and diverse topics covered that I spent much longer than anticipated here. If you’re planning a day trip to Santa Barbara, I would recommend getting an early start to your day so you can enjoy what this museum has to offer.


The museum is located along the beach and next to a restaurant, so after you’re done learning about Southern California’s Maritime History you can grab a bite to eat then take a nice stroll down the beach.

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