Third Window Brewing Co. Review

Located in Santa Barbara, California, this family-owned brewery ranks towards the top of all the breweries I’ve been to.

The Family Story

Out of all the numerous wineries and breweries in Santa Barbara, I picked this one to go to on my day trip because of the family story. Every member of the family is involved in agriculture in some way, and they all come together to share their products at this brewery. Therefore, you can find beer, wine, and wagyu beef served here that’s all produced by the family.

The Beers

For my flight of five, I got (in order) The Light, The Darkish, Classic Saison, Oatey McOatface, and the June Gloom Hazy IPA.

Building Design

Aside from the family story and refreshing beer, the design of the brewery was very cool. You walk straight into a courtyard that has an abundance of growing succulents, and on your left is the winery and on the right is the brewery.

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