Dining in Catalina Island

Here, I write what Two Harbors offers, list my favorite spots to dine in Avalon, and describe the drink of the island.

Restaurants in Two Harbors

There are three restaurants in Two Harbors: Harbor Reef, Harbor Sands, and West End Galley. Harbor Reef is a bit more expensive since it has a more refined menu while West End Galley is a lot more casual, serving hot dogs and burgers. Harbor Sands has a dedicated beach area where food and drinks can be brought out to your table, cabana, beach towel, or lounge chair.

Restaurants in Avalon

The list of restaurants below are all along the boardwalk, so they have beautiful views of the beach.

  • Descanso Beach Club – There’s no need to be a part of the club in order to dine here. What’s great about this restaurant is that there are tables literally on the beach.
  • Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cabaret – I love their pizzas!
  • Eric’s on the Pier – this is a fast food restaurant on the pier. Their fish and chips are good.
  • El Galleon – this is a great place to watch sports games. I have fond memories watching the 2014 World Cup here. Another reason I like this restaurant is that they have karaoke at night.
  • Catalina Cantina – this is a good Mexican restaurant. My favorite items on the menu are their shrimp tacos and ceviche.

Sweet Spots in Avalon

There are two places I LOVE going to satisfy my sweet tooth in Avalon: Lloyd’s and Scoops.

Lloyd’s is a Catalina classic. It’s a candy shop with a wide range of options such as jaw breakers, gummy bears, caramel covered apples, fudge, and taffy which you can see being made in their shop window.

Scoops is an ice cream store. Every flavor is handmade and is a necessary purchase when you’ve been outside exploring all day in the heat of the summer.

Buffalo Milk: The Drink of the Island

The ingredients mixed together in this cocktail are banana liquor, Khalua, vodka, chocolate liquor, and half and half. It’s topped with whipped cream and nutmeg, and tastes like a frappuccino. It’s dangerously delicious. Since this is the drink of the island, it’s available to order at any restaurant and bar in Avalon and Two Harbors.

Buffalo Milk

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