How to Get to Catalina Island

There are 3 ways to get to the island, and they’re all by boat.

The Catalina Express

The Catalina Express has three departure points in California: San Pedro, Dana Point, and Long Beach. It can take you to either Avalon or Two Harbors. If you’re looking to travel between Two Harbors and Avalon for a day trip, book a departure and return ticket with the Catalina Cyclone.


My father and stepmom are sailors, so I spent all of my summers sailing to Catalina Island. If you have a friend with a boat or are a sailor yourself, I recommend making a sail out to the island. Sailing allows you to explore every part of Catalina. There are many other places with moorings around the island, such as Emerald Bay, that’s worth seeing.

The new main sail on my father’s 42 foot hunter.


Carnival Cruises has Avalon as a stop along some of their routes to Mexico!

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