Beach Hopping in Turks and Caicos

Why stick to one beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos when you can beach hop and see what all the island has to offer? All of the beaches are public access, and yes – that’s including the beaches in front of the expensive villas celebrities like the Kardashians and DJ Khalid rent when they visit – so there’s no reason to not explore.

Bight Park

What I liked most about Bight Park was the entrance and how few people were there. There was a parking lot which made this beach easily accessible. Along the beach, there were benches and tables with hooks on them to hold your stuff.

Bight Park and Smith’s Reef – which is nearby – are recommended snorkeling spots. Based off of my snorkel experience, you have to go out far to see any good snorkeling. In fact, the best snorkel spot is too far to swim to and the best way to get there is by going on a snorkel tour.

The entrance to Bight Park.

Iguana Island

Little Water Cay, or more commonly called Iguana Island, is named after the Iguanas that live there. To get to this Island, you’ll have to kayak, paddleboard, or take a boat. I explored Iguana Island because it was a stop in my half day snorkel tour.

Two huge iguanas I spotted on the island.

Mangrove Cay

Mangrove Cay is also only accessible by kayak, paddleboard, or boat. The most important thing to note is that at high tide the water is 4 feet high. For that reason, any paddleboard or kayak tours here are dependent on high tide and times of tours are subject to change.

My half day snorkel tour also took us around Mangrove Cay. Here, we saw three sea turtles. This is the best place to see these animals because the shallow waters offer protection from predation.

Sunset Beach

My ATV tour guide recommended this beach. I had a difficult time finding beach access, so I went to get a drink instead. Now that I’m home researching how to access this public beach, I’ve found something interesting. Google Maps lists Sunset Beach twice. One Sunset Beach is by Turtle Cove Marina and the other is closer to Mangrove Cay.

The Sunset Beach I attempted to go to was the one near Turtle Cove Marina. That area had no nearby parking lots, and the beach was surrounded by villas. I think it might be worth trying to find parking at Turtle Cove Marina, and then walking along the beach for 15 or so minutes with the starting point being at Turtle Cove.

The Sunset Beach on the side of the island closest to Mangrove Cay also does not have an obvious parking lot that I can see on Google Maps. There are resorts nearby, so I recommend seeing about parking your car there and walking down to the beach.

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