What It’s Like Driving in Turks and Caicos

There is no public transportation in Turks and Caicos and taxis are expensive, so my Plus One and I rented a car to drive around the island.

Which Side of the Road Do People Drive On?

The left! This is a British Island of course.

As an American, I have to say it was pretty easy to get used to. The first day or two, my Plus One and I struggled to remember and kept hitting curbs, but luckily there’s a ton of drivers on the road so you won’t forget which lane you need to be in.

Navigating the Roads

Most streets are poorly labeled, and most of the street signs I saw were near Bight Park. Luckily, Google Maps worked even while my iPhone was on airplane mode. Google Maps could see where I was in real time, and it could see all the businesses and roads nearby. The only thing I couldn’t do was use the ‘directions’ button to navigate.

There is not a single stoplight on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Only roundabouts. This did not present any issues since every driver was very attentive and courteous to let others into the roundabout.

Vespa or Car?

I was so glad I rented an actual car and not a vespa. It was hot and windy on the island, and I went to a lot of nice places for dinner that required dressing up, so having a vespa would not have been ideal. Vespas were also more expensive than renting a car which was what ultimately lead my Plus One and I to rent a car.

Where to Rent a Car

We rented through Caicos Wheels. As soon as we exited the airport in Turks and Caicos, we came right upon the car rental companies. The people who worked there were very nice, and they took the time to help us learn how to use the car since we were not familiar with the drivers seat being on what is normally the passenger side.

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