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Located in the gorgeous Wymara Resort is Stelle. Stelle was one of my favorite restaurants that I ate at in Turks and Caicos. It was one of my favorites because of the stunning scenery and delicious drinks and food.

I ordered two Mai Tai’s and the King Prawn Rice Skillet for my entree. Dressing up is a must since this restaurant is inside a luxurious resort. Additionally, make a reservation and expect to spend at least two hours here.

My Plus One got the Caribbean Fish Red Curry with a Lychee Martini and I got the King Prawn Rice Skillet with a Mai Tai.
The view from my table.

Infiniti Restaurant & Raw Bar

Infiniti Restaurant and Raw Bar, located in the Grace Bay Club Resorts, had a great oceanfront location and a sophisticated chic atmosphere. There was live music, a modern fireplace, and boho lanterns. The mousse I had for dessert was delectable and on theme with a coral-shaped piece of chocolate. Since this restaurant is located inside a resort, you can also expect to spend at least two hours here.

The mesmerizing Grace Bay Beach was just a few steps behind me. Dress from Beginning Boutique.
The Madagascar Dark Chocolate Mousse with edible gold and Macallan Whiskey ice cream.

Da Conch Shack

Da Conch Shack was one of the stops along the ATV tour I went on. The views there were spectacular and the several choices of conch dishes were impressive. Here I tried conch for the first time in the form of ceviche. On the menu it’s called ‘conch salad’. There is a bit of a wait here for food too, but it’s worth it.

Da Conch Shack is also a great spot to get your own free conch. Many were washed up on the shore by the restaurant. Just make sure there’s no animal in the shell! The tell-tale sign that the shell is empty is if there’s a hole at the top.

The view from my table at Da Conch Shack.


Seven is located in the Seven Stars Resort. I did not personally like the elegant atmosphere or the Americanized menu at Seven. However, the service was great and I would be willing to give it another try. What I would do differently with my experience there is to sit at a table on the patio and order a different dish. The patio appeared much more island like with an abundance of palm trees.

The Deck

The Seven Stars Resort has two restaurants – Seven is by the main entrance while The Deck is oceanfront. Although Seven is very elegant and classy, The Deck is more laid back.

One afternoon, I stopped at The Deck and sat at the bar for cocktails – one drink I got was served in a coconut! It took the staff a while to get the coconut since they don’t normally keep any on hand, but it was worth the wait. While waiting for my coconut to be delivered to the bar, I enjoyed different cocktails and took in the views of Grace Bay Beach and the pool area.

What inspired my walk over to the oceanfront patio at the Seven Stars Resort was the Champagne Shack. I had read so much about it on other blogs. As it turns out, the Resort converted what was once a single tiny shack serving alcohol into a full oceanfront restaurant and cocktail bar they call The Deck.

Enjoying my mango mijito inside of a coconut at The Deck

Coco Bistro

Every blog I read gushed about how great Coco Bistro was. I had my doubts since it was not oceanfront…I understand the hype now.

Although it’s not along the beach, it is still a beautiful place. Every table is outdoors and is completely surrounded with palm trees which added some privacy.

What I think made Coco Bistro the best splurge dinner on the trip was the menu. This was the only place where I ordered the full combination of a cocktail, appetizer, entree, and dessert. I’m glad I listened to the advice from other bloggers who said to make a reservation for the last night on the island because I ate until I couldn’t anymore. I waddled out of the restaurant like a penguin!

I ordered the Caribbean Champagne Sunset cocktail, Conch 2 Ways appetizer, West Indian Style Shrimp Curry entree, and one scoop of Special Ice Cream (white chocolate with raspberry dark chocolate truffle – yum!) for dessert.

Shay Cafe

Located in a cute courtyard near Saltmills Plaza is Shay Cafe. Many people recommended Shay Cafe for breakfast, including my ATV tour guide. Not only was it tasty, but they had fast service like a normal cafe. I ate there just before heading to the airport to catch my flight back to the states.

I ordered a hazelnut latte, purchased a bag of coffee to bring back home, and the french toast with bananas. I’ve never had french toast so fluffy before!

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