Turks & Caicos ATV Tour Review

One way I explored Providenciales, Turks and Caicos was through an ATV Tour! I went on the 3 hour West Coast Tour.

The Route

Our tour guide, Ryan, picked me and my Plus One up at our hotel at 10:45am in a van. There was a family of four on our tour that we also picked up from their hotel. Once we were all settled in the van, Ryan drove us to where he keeps his ATVs.

Our first stop was Discovery Bay Mangroves and Trail. It was beautiful!

No filter needed for this beautiful spot!

From Discovery Bay we headed to Turks Head Brewery – the only brewery on the island. We got a tour of the facility and a flight of 8 beers to sample. Four of their beers are sold everywhere on the island, and the other four beers you can only get inside their bar. They do not export, but our tour guide informed us that you can pack one six pack of beers onto your checked bags.

My favorite beers at Turks Head Brewery are I-Ain-Ga-Lie, I-Soon-Reach, and England Mild Ale.

After sampling the beers, we headed off to Da Conch Shack. This was one of my favorite restaurants on my trip to TCI! The view was unbeatable. The restaurant is right there on the beach where conchs are on the shore ready to be plucked up. You are allowed to bring conchs back to the states, but be sure to do it legally. The main thing to be aware of when collecting a conch shell is to make sure there is no conch inside the shell. You’ll know nothing is living inside the shell if you see a small hole at the top part. When I brought my conch shell to the table, our tour guide showed me that the number of spirals tells the age of the shell. My conch shell pictured below is eight years old.

The conch shell I picked up off the beach in front of Da Conch Shack.

Da Conch Shack is one of those restaurants on the island where you will spend an hour waiting for your main course to arrive. But – just like the other restaurants – it’s worth it. I ordered the conch salad (which is ceviche) for an appetizer and the mahi mahi for my entree. That was my first time ordering conch and it was delicious. The flavor isn’t strong, but the texture is similar to octopus. If you generally like seafood, you’ll enjoy conch.

By the time we were done eating at Da Conch Shack, we found we were an hour and a half past time to finish the tour. So we did not stop at the last stop on the tour which was Turtle Cove Marina. However, we drove past it and it was a lovely sight.

In total, we spent 5 hours on the tour instead of 3 and went to 3 places instead of the planned 4. This tour was incredible, and our tour guide, Ryan, was very friendly and full of great information about the island. I recommend this for people wanting to see more of the island.

What to Wear

Guys…I wore a white tank top….big mistake. It’s light brown in color now and I can’t get it back to it’s clean white state.

  • Definitely wear long sleeves. Since you’ll be out in the sun for a long time, it’s smarter to cover up to prevent sunburns.
  • Close-toed shoes are a must.
  • I highly recommend long shorts so you don’t burn your legs on the seat when it’s time to drive after leaving one of the tour spots.
  • Sunglasses or a different form of protective eyewear is a must too. The tour is both on road and off road. Eye protection will help prevent getting dust and small rocks into your eyes. It was especially windy the day of my tour and I got dust in my eyes despite wearing my aviators.

What to Bring on the ATV Tour

  • Cash! Ryan explained that he was in the process of switching banks and couldn’t accept cards. Aside from paying for the tour, it’s good to keep cash for anything you might want to buy in the Brewery or at Da Conch Shack.
  • Sunblock! I reapplied at every stop.
  • A drawstring bag to store your purchases in. There were bags already hooked onto the ATVs that you can put your belongings in, but having a bag will help keep all your stuff together.

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