Traveling to Turks and Caicos from the U.S. During the Pandemic

Before Boarding the Plane to Turks and Caicos

  • Get a negative COVID PCR test result within 5 days before arriving on the island.
  • After receiving the negative result, fill out the Travel Authorization form.
  • Once the travel authorization form is approved – which must happen before boarding the plane – print out the results. This paper will be checked upon landing in Turks and Caicos.
  • Passports are required to travel there.

If you are partially or fully vaccinated, you are not exempt from anything the airlines require you to do. That means that everything on this checklist applies to everyone.

Turks and Caicos Customs

It took over an hour to go through customs in Turks and Caicos. Before my passport was checked, there was one person who had to ensure that each traveler had a valid travel authorization form. Once approved, each traveler headed to one of six booths to get their passport stamped and to turn in some forms the flight attendants handed out during the flight. After getting stamped, each traveler picked up their checked luggage and headed to the last line to submit the declarations form in order to exit the airport.

The June 30, 2021 COVID Guidelines Update

The only thing that changed was the curfew hour. It changed from 11pm to 1am. Please note that all businesses are required to close at 12am, and you need to be in your hotel room by 1am.

Fish Fry is still cancelled. I’m unsure about the weekly Bonfires and BBQs happening at the resorts, but I did see that the Wymara Resort did have a 4th of July Bonfire and BBQ.

Every store and resort requires that you sanitize your hands. Every entrance has a doorman spraying liquid sanitizer onto your hands or they point you in the direction of the sanitizer bottle. Masks are still required for shops and restaurants.

Requirements to Return to the U.S. from Turks and Caicos

A negative Covid test result is needed within 3 days of departing. It can be the antigen rapid test or PCR.

Some resorts have testing on site, but I went to the Grace Bay Medical Centre to get the antigen rapid test done. The rapid test there costs $50 per person, and the PCR test costs $100 per person.

Print the test results since the airlines prefer everything to be printed.


VeriFly is an app recommended by American Airlines to help speed up the boarding process in order to head back to the states. On the app, you upload a selfie, your passport number, a picture of your negative covid results, your flight number, and you need to fill out an attestation form.

All the information in my VeriFly was checked while waiting in line to get my boarding pass at the PLS airport. If you don’t have VeriFly, you need your printed Covid results and you have to fill out the paper attestation form while waiting in line.

Although VeriFly has your passport number, your passport still needs to be scanned to pick up your boarding pass and once more at security.

U.S. Customs

It went as smoothly as it did pre-pandemic. My passport got stamped and that was it! It took 15 minutes to get through.

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