Running in Turks & Caicos

Pre-Run Research

There are many great routes to run in Turks & Caicos. I knew I wanted to run along Grace Bay Beach, but wasn’t sure how many miles would get me where nor did I know how running on the sand would be different than running on the pavement.

I followed this beginner guide to running along the beach to determine that the best method of running along the beach for me is to wear shoes and run along the hard sand during low tide.

This website predicts the times the tides will be low and high. For my trip in the beginning of July, it predicted low tide at 6:30pm and high tide at 12:30pm. Using the tide information and looking at the time the sun rises (6:10am), I set my alarm to 6am to get ready for my run.

My Run on Grace Bay Beach

My starting point was just to the right in front of the Seven Stars Resort on Grace Bay Beach. I was the only person on the beach at 6:25am.

I did a few minutes of stretching, snapped a nice picture of the sunrise, and headed towards the pier near Club Med. Once I reached that pier, I turned back around to the pier on the left of the Seven Stars Resort. From there, I went back to my starting point

Grace Bay Beach at 6:25am

There was a slight slope, so I definitely had to get close to the water to have more even ground. I found that added more enjoyment to my run because I constantly had to watch the tide to make sure I didn’t accidentally run in the water. Although there was a slight slope, it was fairly easy to get used to. Even when I turned around.

I did pass by two other runners and a couple of people going for a stroll, but it was otherwise completely empty even when I finished my run at 6:45am.

I saw a lot more runners later in the day at 8am and 9am, and even a few at 7:30pm. However I think by 9am it was too hot. I think the best times of day to run on Grace Bay Beach would have to be at sunrise or sunset. Plus it’s a nice way to see the sky put on a show over the island!

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  1. Oh, wow, that is a very serene and beautiful run by the beach. My most fav beach walk is by sunrise when most people are still asleep and the our planet has already began…so peaceful and hopeful. Thanks

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