Pure Barre

What is it?

Barre is a pilates-based group workout class that utilizes a ballet barre, weights, and resistance bands. At Pure Barre, you will never take the same class twice. Every studio uses the same ballet-influenced technique and class structure so you know what to expect when taking classes at other studios while traveling.

my home workout equipment for Barre Go classic classes


The equipment used in this moderately-paced class are 2lbs and 3lbs handheld weights, a tube, and a ball.


In this cardio-based class, a stepping stool, handheld weights, and wrist/ankle weights are used. Although Pure Barre provides all equipment, I like to use my 1lbs bone-colored Bala Bangles for wrist and ankle weights.


This is a resistance band focused class. There are two resistance bands used – short red tubes on the barre and long grey tubes on the baseboard – as well as sliders. This is a slower-paced class.

working my arms in a Classic class

Why I Love Pure Barre

I’ve always loved pilates, but I wanted an extra challenge. This was the perfect advancement. And with my background in dance, the ballet-inspired movements make me feel back in my element.

There are modifications for everything such as using no equipment and doing push-ups on the barre instead of the floor. What makes Pure Barre great is that it’s for everyone at every stage of fitness – including when recovering from an injury and during pregnancy.

Lastly, I love that it’s a chain so I can take these classes where I travel to. And if I’m unable to make it to a studio, I can take an online class through Pure Barre Go.

How to utilize 15 Pure Barre classes a month to achieve your fitness goals

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